March 28, 2020 Deirdre Brennan

Web Site Photographer for AMOSS

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I was retained by AMOSS Solicitors as a web site photographer to photograph landmark buildings in Dublin from a different perspective for their website  A really interesting assignment and it was great working with the team at AMOSS.

Web Site Photographer for Clients

I have over 15 years of experience as a web site photographer. I pride myself on providing clients with beautiful, perfectly composed and lit photography.

My experience includes having worked in New York for 10 years. In particular, I worked with The New York Times for 7. During my years at the Times, I worked on many architectural and property photography assignments.

I learned how to photograph architecture at its very best angles. One of my specialities is architectural photography. My clients such as The New York Times, Expedia, Envato, Sean Harrington Architects, NABCO and AMOSS.

I also produced a series of corporate portraits of the Amoss staff for their web site. I have over 15 years of experience in photographing commercial headshots. These years of experience have made me bring a flattering and natural approach to my headshots. Clients are always very happy with their headshots and how good they look in them.

I pride myself on making people look at their very best. One thing I am particularly I am good at is making people feel comfortable. Especially those who do not like having their photograph taken.

I love providing clients with perfectly composed and compelling photography. My work begins by researching and preparing for each assignment in advance. Also, I will listen fully to the client’s requirements and requests. I am a bit of a perfectionist so you can expect a perfectly composed, stylish and sophisticated photography.

If you are advertising your product, professional photography is essential to attract inquiries. If your business needs a professional web site photographer, please contact me on my mobile at 087 995 1252. You can also email at to discuss your specific requirement.

You may see a more complete range of my commercial photography on my main web site at

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