Conference Photography at The Internet of Things conference at the Convention Centre in Dublin

Conference Photographer in Dublin

Deirdre has over 15 years of experience photographing conferences. She brings an artistic, unobtrusive, friendly and natural approach to her conference photography.

Photographing conferences gives her the opportunity to create unique and interesting angles. Primarily she tries to make her conference photographs as cinematic as possible.

Working in an unobtrusive manner is the best way to capture the atmosphere, taking care not to intrude on the proceedings.

Conference Photography Portfolio

Deirdre worked in New York for 10 years, with The New York Times for 7. The years at The Times taught her how to make any situation look artistic and attractive. The ability to blend into the background yet capture everything as it happens is her primary skill.

Deirdre has been the official photographer for clients such as

. Google

. The Internet of Things Europe at The Convention Centre

. The International Air Transport Association Convention at The RDS

. Facebook

. The Tesla Ireland Launch

Conference Photography Technique

Making the more posed, required photographs as natural looking as possible is also one of her goals. Asking the subjects to walk toward the camera is how she achieves this.

Firstly it gives people something to do and makes them smile on their own accord. The pictures also look more contemporary and natural. If you like Deirdre’s photographs and style, please drop her a line. 

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Conference Photography at The RDS in Dublin


If you are looking for a unique and stylish conference photographer or across Ireland please call me on my mobile at 087 995 1252 or email at to discuss your specific requirements.

Conference Photographer at The Web Summit in The RDS in Dublin
Conference Photography

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