Film-&-TV-Unit-Stills-Photographer Deirdre Brennan on the set of Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful

Film & TV Unit Stills Photographer

My aunt ran an art deco cinema down the country. I would spend my summer holidays in the cinema with her. So I think that my great love of the cinema comes from spending those summers in the dark. The cinema was our playground.

My Career as a TV, Film, and Production Stills Photographer

I worked in New York for 10 years. With the New York Times for 7. In addition I have been a member of the Redux Picture agency in New York since 2000. This has given me the opportunity to work behind the scenes on some great TV dramas and films.

Through Redux Pictures I produced until stills on the set of Penny Dreadful for The Hollywood Reporter. In 2020 I produced a series of portraits of the actors and directors for The Dublin Film Festival.

The thing I also love about TV and film unit stills is that you constantly have great scenes in front of your eyes to photograph. Photographing the work of all the great talent involved to make a production.

My Creative Approach To Film & TV Unit Stills Photography

I also love capturing those behind the scenes photographs and the moments between takes. When everyone is being themselves, catching a quiet moment or preparing for a scene. Also I like to capture the many other talented individuals who do not appear on the screen.

I am very down-to-earth and unobtrusive in my approach. People feel at ease in my company. With the ability of blending in so that no one really notices me. This is a basic requirement and allows me to work to the fullest.

This is my commercial photography web site. My documentary photography web site with more relevant photography is at

In the gallery below you may see a variety of my TV, film and production stills that I hope you enjoy.

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Film Unit Stills Photographer Deirdre Brennan on the set of Penny Dreadful


If you are looking for unit stills photographer for TV, film or advertising in Dublin or across Ireland please call me on my mobile at 087 995 1252 or email at  I would love to hear about your project.

Movie Unit Stills Photographer in Ireland Deirdre Brennan
Film Unit Stills Photographer Ireland
Unit Stills Photographer in Dublin Deirdre Brennan photographs Tom Vaughan-Lawlor on the set of Foxes

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