I moved to New York two weeks after graduating from The National College of Art & Design to pursue a career in photography. I worked in commercial studios in Manhattan to build my technical expertise whilst also pursuing my own stories. I dropped a portfolio off to The New York Times Magazine in 2000 and the director of photography decided to run one of my photo stories and thus began my career with the New York Times where I worked for 7 years before returning to live in Dublin.

It was a great privilege to work for The New York Times and it was an incredible learning experience. I got to work with really interesting people and work on great stories from Hillary Clinton to child beauty queens. I continue to work on stories in Ireland for the Times.

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If you are looking for an editorial  photographer in Dublin or across Ireland please call me on my mobile at 087 995 1252 or email at deirdre@deirdrebrennan.ie I would love to hear about your assignment.

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