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From the street from Mexico City to Havana to New York and back to Ireland I have been very fortunate that my work has enabled me to travel the world telling stories with my camera.

My first travel photography assignment was to Cuba at the beginning of my career in photography. I had very much wanted to see the last communist country in the Western Hemisphere before the death of Castro.

I traveled all over Mexico and the United Stated on editorial assignments for publications like French Marie Claire and I always like to capture an iconographic, artistic image from the places I visit.

Whenever I travel, I always make sure to have some sort of a camera with me at all times, if not on an assignment it is usually a film camera. It is the day that you decide not to bring one that the wonderful image will cross in front of your eyes and you will have missed it.

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If you are looking for a travel photographer in Dublin or across Ireland please call me on my mobile at 087 995 1252 or email at I would love to hear about your assignment.

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